NitroPress Coffee Cocktail Chargers Use with NitroPress Instant Nitrogen Diffuser for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 10 Cartridges - BNTJSECC2

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  • ✔️ MAKE YOUR OWN NITRO COLD BREW COFFEE AT HOME with premium nitrogen cartridges for nitro coffee. Enjoy your favourite rich and creamy cold brew coffee without leaving your home with our N2 instant charger set.

  • ✔️ PURE NITROGEN N2 FOR BETTER-TASTING COFFEE: Make sure you use pure nitrogen chargers to ensure your coffee taste great - every single time.

  • ✔️ MEGA-VALUE NITROGEN CARTRIDGE 10-PACK: Get more bang for your buck with our N2 chargers for your nitro cold brew coffee maker. Every set includes 10 x 2g cartridges, so you don't have to buy your cold brew coffee from coffee chains anymore.

  • ✔️ SURPRISE YOUR LOVED ONES WITH HEAVENLY COFFEE: Impress your friends or family with a divine nitrogen-infused coffee. All you need is the nitro cold brew coffee dispenser (sold separately) and our N2 chargers. That's it!

  • ✔️10 x NITRO CHARGERS, 100+1 DIFFERENT USES: Unleash your creativity and bring out your inner barista with our multipurpose nitrogen canister set, which will allow you to make your own cold brew coffee, cocktails, beer or tea. You name it!

  • NitroPress Coffee Cocktail Chargers These pure nitrogen Coffee Cocktail Chargers are designed for use with The Original NitroPress. They are pure food grade nitrogen (E941) used specifically for serving coffee, cocktails, tea, and many more. Create theatre using nitrogen infusion to serve up extra special drink offerings. PLEASE NOTE: They will not whip cream. Similar to nitro coffee on draught. Nitro Coffee first hit the scene in the USA several years ago and is considered an alternative method of serving cold brew coffee. The Coffee Cocktail Chargers work with similar principles to a full draught nitro system - but at reduced size and footprint. Pure nitrogen chargers are required to dispense the beverage without carbonating. Benefits and Features: Quick and Easy Batch make cocktails for speed and efficiency Fully recyclable once used - can be placed in the recycling bin with your drink cans and bottles. Use one charger for each 500ml volume of liquid. Serve two coffee’s or up to four cocktails in one hit. Use with The Original NitroPress for best results. Use to flavour infuse with all natural ingredients (cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, cacao nibs etc) We sell the NitroPress separately. Instructions: Fill The NitroPress with ingredients (add ice if desired) Screw on canister head hand tight to ensure a seal is made. Insert Nitrogen Coffee Cocktail Charger into the charger holder. Tighten cartridge cap to pressurise the device. Shake NitroPress before each serve for best results. Pull trigger and dispense into a clear glass for best effect. Once used - pull trigger to release pressure. Unscrew the cannister head and repeat from step 1.

    NitroPress Coffee Cocktail Chargers Use with NitroPress Instant Nitrogen Diffuser for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 10 Cartridges - BNTJSECC2

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